Penis Enlargement Without Surgery

24 Feb 2020

Your sexuality is a huge part of your identity. Not feeling good about yourself sexually can damage your self-confidence and lead to mental problems such as depression and anxiety. Excessive fat storage in the area directly above the penis, defined as the supra pubic area, causes your penis to be buried and appear shorter or hidden than it normally is. You do not have to live with this situation that causes you aesthetic concerns and negatively affects your sexuality. With supra pubic fat melting application, you can get rid of the fat hiding the penis painlessly.

What is Supra Pubic Fat Melting?

Supra pubic region is the name given to the place in the body where the penis is attached and extends outwards. Excessive fat accumulation in this area is more noticeable in some men due to obesity, advanced age or genetic factors. Even if weight is lost with diet and exercise, the fat pads in the supra pubic area may be resistant to weight loss. Successful results are obtained by applying current, effective and side-effect-free drugs containing lipase enzyme in melting fat in this area. As a result of the application, the person regains his sexual health and self-confidence by getting rid of the excess supra pubic fat that hides his penis.

Why is Supra pubic Fat Melting Applied?

The normal-sized penis being buried in the body or appearing hidden is a condition that occurs in some men with age and weight gain, as well as excess fat accumulation in the supra pubic area. A buried penis may cause urination problems or genital area and urinary tract infections in men. A buried penis may also affect the ability to get an erection or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse.

What are the Benefits of Melting Supra Pubic Fat?

Melting supra pubic fat has physical, mental and sexual benefits. After supra pubic fat melting application, the visibility of the entire penis body increases, redness and irritation on the skin around the penis decreases, the ability to urinate in both sitting and standing positions increases, the urinary tract becomes healthier, sexual satisfaction increases, the person’s self-confidence increases, sexual anxiety decreases.

How is Supra Pubic Fat Melting Applied?

Supra pubic fat melting application is a fast and side-effectless intervention that does not affect the person’s daily life, does not require hospitalization, and is performed painlessly under local anesthesia under clinical conditions by injecting the lipase enzyme with high fat melting activity into the supra pubic region. First of all, the skin of the supra pubic region will be treated. is wiped and disinfected. Then, a local anesthetic cream is applied to numb the area’s skin and wait 15 minutes for the area to numb. After sufficient skin numbness is achieved, the drug containing the lipase enzyme, which has fat-dissolving activity, is injected into the subcutaneous fatty tissue surrounding the penis in the supra pubic region. The injection process takes approximately 5 minutes.

What Should I Pay Attention to After Supra Pubic Fat Melting?

After the supra pubic fat melting procedure, there are no side effects such as pain, redness, burning, edema/swelling, itching in the application area. Since the lipase enzyme is a substance already present in the body, it only provides rapid and effective dissolution of fatty tissue in the injected area without causing any side effects. After the application, the person can continue his daily life from where he left off. However, in order to prevent the injected lipase enzyme from losing its effectiveness in the first week following the application, it is recommended not to bathe the application area with very hot water and to take a break from activities such as Turkish bath/sauna during this 1-week period. The effect of the application begins within days, but the full visual result is seen 3 weeks after the application.

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